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Our Team

Emma Bail CGMA


I have worked as an Accountant for fifteen years, studying alongside my work to achieve my professional Chartered Institute of Management Accounting qualification.


Before starting my own practice I worked for a number of large, high profile organisations based in London. Ranging from manufacturing companies such as Tate and Lyle Sugars to the fine arts auctioneers Christies International. During my career I held a variety of positions ranging from traditional accounting roles to more commercial business facing roles such as Business Analyst.


It is this breadth of experience which allows me to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. I can draw on my experience from the many different industries I have worked in and bring some of the “big business” approaches to my small business clients to help them take the next step.

Simon Bail


My interest is in the Bookkeeping and admin behind the accounts – the nuts and bolts. With experience in sectors ranging from recruitment to admin, I enjoy the challenge of working with our clients to improve their processes, increase efficiency and ensuring their records are fully to up to date.


My background has included working for both large and small organisations in client facing roles which enables me to provide a comprehensive service.

Louise Veneear

My focus within the business is client bookkeeping, payroll and admin.  I enjoy building a relationship with my bookkeeping clients and supporting them in improving efficiency in their record keeping.  

I have worked in a number of large and small businesses from where I draw my experience from but I particularly like working within a small team.